Outshine yourself

The Heat of Life A poem by Umm Umamah A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, Just as you cannot bloom without facing the decree divine, So when trials & struggles all combine, Face the challenge, take the heat, glow & shine. Cause within you is the capacity to outshine.   As this opening bud glows […]

Finding Solace

picture taken by me A poem by Umm Umamah Ya Rabb help me forget, What hurts me & makes my eyes become wet. Don’t want to have a meltdown, With all the heavy weight pulling me down. Help me console myself, Cause the pain doesn’t go away by itself. I am grateful for the heart, […]

Inspiration: Strategize 2017

When I saw the following image posted on  Shaykh Muhammad Al Shareef’s instagram “nationbuilder”, I knew I want to enter in my Bullet Journal & work on it. It’s so in league with what I’ve been working on the past month and my “Plan to Dream” in 2017 I made my own inspired, personalized version……I wanted […]

Day 30 The Final Deal – The Key to Everything

Our final goal is Jannah!  So we need to hold on to the Key to Jannah! The Prophet (Sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “The key to Paradise is prayer (salat), and the key to prayer is ritual purity (tuhur).” [Ahmed] Salah truly is “The Key” to everything……..our thoughts, our feelings, our spirituality ! By Salah I do […]

Day 29 I Am Not Alone

The words that come out of our mouth are the result of our thoughts, so it is extremely crucial that we do not let anyone & anything bring us down or tell us anything otherwsie. No matter what anyone says or how they make you feel, you can do whatever you want. Don’t wait for […]

Day 25 Start Right & Touch Base

Part of my planning for next year is BEIDHNILLAH being SERIOUSLY DILIGENT & CONSISTENT” in my daily morning Dua, Dhikr & Tilawah routine. The only thing to break the cycle of guilt, remorse, regret & frustration for not doing something is to simply get up & START DOING it. Just start, in as basic a way […]

Day 17 The Science of Sorting

Sorting shouldn’t be rocket science, but our cluttered mind and emotional attachments make it seem like rocket science….. Do to take the “Science” out of the sorting here’s what I’ve picked up from the blogosphere to help Sort things intelligently without confusion, anxiety, nervousness, guilt or just plain emotional attachment. Through this experience I hope […]