Brace Yourself for Ramadan

You might  have read my post  and also downloaded the pdf designed specially for on Decluttering & Unclogging the Brain before Ramadan post…. If you have done the brain dump or still thinking about it, this guest post by Umm Aim High can really make go ahead and take the next step Beidhnillahi Ta’Aallah. I […]


Every 3 months I do a Brain Dump and some decluttering from all facets of my brain hearty & house…. I already called you all out for the DECLUTTER & UNCLOG your BRAIN Exercise with a focus on preparing for Ramadan… Now I am calling you out for : It is extremely important to regularly […]

Dua Routine

While working on picking & finalising my Dream Duas…. I couldn’t stop thinking of why a dua routine is sometimes challenging…But having experienced the manifestation of Dream Duas in the strangest of ways not sticking to the recommended DAILY routine…. made me wonder… what if I did make these duas EVERYDAY at the SAME TIME […]

Day 30 The Final Deal – The Key to Everything

Our final goal is Jannah!  So we need to hold on to the Key to Jannah! The Prophet (Sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “The key to Paradise is prayer (salat), and the key to prayer is ritual purity (tuhur).” [Ahmed] Salah truly is “The Key” to everything……..our thoughts, our feelings, our spirituality ! By Salah I do […]

Day 26 The Cycle of Maintenance

With all the effort we put in, in decluttering and deep cleaning, our homes still demands & requires regular maintenance. To cherish & savor the satisfaction we feel right after a big clean up projects, we need to develop a “Cycle of Maintenance”. We all have different lifestyles, family dynamics & needs. So based on […]

Day 25 Start Right & Touch Base

Part of my planning for next year is BEIDHNILLAH being SERIOUSLY DILIGENT & CONSISTENT” in my daily morning Dua, Dhikr & Tilawah routine. The only thing to break the cycle of guilt, remorse, regret & frustration for not doing something is to simply get up & START DOING it. Just start, in as basic a way […]

Day 20 Sunan of Sleeping & Folding fitted sheets

To be able to gain hasanat even right before falling asleep is a gift only Allah, the One who is Compassionate & Most Kind & Generous would make easy for us. Looking into the sunan of sleeping, I actually learnt a new dua I didnt know, from a Hadith in Riyadus Saliheen which I’ve added […]