Keep on Striving

The past year my Journaling and reflections have evolved from plain writings to a more inspiring form… I have had many influences to help get here…. This is my MAIN GOAL & ULTIMATE DREAM If we exert the most energy in fixing this area of our life, the others will get fixed themselves. I love […]

Be Yourself

  I saw Shaykh Muhammad Al Shareef’s this post… …the morning after I had made the below entry in my bullet journal. Subhanallah….So thought provoking. Most of our loves we spend trying to be like someone, or pleasing someone to the extent of ignoring ourselves. If only we knew that to tend to others needs, […]

Chasing Goals with Morning Barakah

I simply love & am truly grateful to how Allah brings us to the very resources we need… Subhanallah. Such an important reminder….Al we need to do is truly think, crave & make dua and Allah opens doors from where we least expect it…Allahu Akbar! This whole Begin with Barakah concept is so in league with […]

25 Questions for our Innerself

(Very excited to share my 1st Guest Author Post) Guest Author – BEENISH NOMAN: is an Educator & Montessori Trained Directress working for Children’s wellbeing. She trains & helps adults to understand chikdren’s emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual needsr and provide ideas and guidance related to ‘Prepared Environment’ according to their age and needs. Her other fields […]

Day 30 The Final Deal – The Key to Everything

Our final goal is Jannah!  So we need to hold on to the Key to Jannah! The Prophet (Sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “The key to Paradise is prayer (salat), and the key to prayer is ritual purity (tuhur).” [Ahmed] Salah truly is “The Key” to everything……..our thoughts, our feelings, our spirituality ! By Salah I do […]

Day 10 Weekend Sorting

Weekends are really different for everyone, depending on the lifestyle and family dynamics it could be: a time to rest, catch up on sleep or catch up on unfinished tasks. Weekends can also be a good time to do some  major clean up /reorganizing projects. For me I feel they are generally quite unpredictable. There […]