Brace Yourself for Ramadan

You might  have read my post  and also downloaded the pdf designed specially for on Decluttering & Unclogging the Brain before Ramadan post…. If you have done the brain dump or still thinking about it, this guest post by Umm Aim High can really make go ahead and take the next step Beidhnillahi Ta’Aallah. I […]

Dua Routine

While working on picking & finalising my Dream Duas…. I couldn’t stop thinking of why a dua routine is sometimes challenging…But having experienced the manifestation of Dream Duas in the strangest of ways not sticking to the recommended DAILY routine…. made me wonder… what if I did make these duas EVERYDAY at the SAME TIME […]

Chasing Goals with Morning Barakah

I simply love & am truly grateful to how Allah brings us to the very resources we need… Subhanallah. Such an important reminder….Al we need to do is truly think, crave & make dua and Allah opens doors from where we least expect it…Allahu Akbar! This whole Begin with Barakah concept is so in league with […]

To Success I am Drawn

A free Verse poem by Umm Umamah Dedicated to all those striving…. I will keep trudging along! I’ll keep striving on! To success I am drawn. With the help of Allah, All, fears will be gone ! I will stay strong ! Renewing my intention, every dawn. Anxiety and self doubt is a phenomenon, brought […]

Know your Purpose

Inspirations can come in many ways, but getting into action after what inspires is the real step forward in the right direction This TED talk by Adam Leipzig is one of the easiest and shortest ways of getting some clarity. Know your purpose in 5 minutes Once you’ve watched it write down your answers 1: […]

The I don’t Know Syndrome

Many a times in a our lives we go through the ‘I don’t know Syndrome’. Which in short translates into a feeling of being lost at sea, not knowing which direction to go . “I don’t know what I want!” “I don’t know what my calling is.” “I don’t know what I am capable of.” […]