Brace Yourself for Ramadan

You might  have read my post  and also downloaded the pdf designed specially for on Decluttering & Unclogging the Brain before Ramadan post…. If you have done the brain dump or still thinking about it, this guest post by Umm Aim High can really make go ahead and take the next step Beidhnillahi Ta’Aallah. I […]

Last 7 days of Declutter Challenge

The last 7 days of my 30 Day Declutter Challenge are upon me….. I have to be extremely meticulous about it… If you like me prefer to get all the easier stuff out of the way first then remaining task is probably a tough one. The last bits are always more difficult as those are […]


Every 3 months I do a Brain Dump and some decluttering from all facets of my brain hearty & house…. I already called you all out for the DECLUTTER & UNCLOG your BRAIN Exercise with a focus on preparing for Ramadan… Now I am calling you out for : It is extremely important to regularly […]

Day 24 Be Flexible & Forgiving

In all the years of trying to do things with success, semi success & at times completely failing, there is one of important lesson I’ve learnt……  “be flexible & acceptable to unpredictable & uncontrollable events” AND “be forgiving to our own selves” Many a times we beat ourselves up for not being able to do all […]

Day 20 Sunan of Sleeping & Folding fitted sheets

To be able to gain hasanat even right before falling asleep is a gift only Allah, the One who is Compassionate & Most Kind & Generous would make easy for us. Looking into the sunan of sleeping, I actually learnt a new dua I didnt know, from a Hadith in Riyadus Saliheen which I’ve added […]

Day 19 Sunan of Wearing Clothes & Folding Clothes

One of the most repetitive thing I find myself doing, besides cooking & doing dishes is washing and folding clothes…..Most of you probably relate to that. With that I intend on applying the sunan of wearing clothes in my home diligently Inshallah. Donwload a simple 1 page Sunan for wearing clothes pdf Folding Marie Kondo way….. The […]