still-life-715117_960_720I am a Muslimah, trying to work on improving myself and helping others to do the same. I strongly feel we all have the same struggles only the circumstances and reason for the struggle is different. So why do it alone?  We have one chance in this World to enjoy the Next World forever. That makes how I live my life here pivotal to my end.

We should always be in a state of growth or atleast striving to grow. This blog is about accepting my limitations & inspirations to become a better version of myself, through inspirations, motivations & conscious Self development. I felt the need to blog my Self Development journey to maintain focus, have a sense of accountability to myself through a feeling of community service. May Allah bless my efforts and accept it from me.

I am homemaker, a homeschooler, a blogger, an artist and a ‘hatching’ mompreneur :), who accepts her limitations and is grateful to Allah for the capacities, he has granted her.

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