Making Heartfelt Duas

How many times we feel at a loss of words for Duas… we have so much to ask for but words just don’t come out of our mouth…. We end up uttering some words that even don’t make us feel that we actually made a meaningful dua.

If you relate to this feeling how about we up our Dua Game & make it a super exciting & serious business. I mean if you think about it… Dua is serious business…

In times of stress, we might find our selves saying, “we can do nothing, we can only make dua…. BUT  DUA is the Real Deal…. DUA is ACTION. It is the most powerful tool that we have. The result is not in our hands or control, but our level of gratitude & our Duas are…


So Let’s take the Action…. Ramadan, The month of Mercy is HERE!

Allah says in Surah Baqarah …

“Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and righteousness” (Q 2:183)

 Allah is telling the believers that fasting in the month of Ramadan is a means of gaining piety & righteousness for the believers…. So we need to take action avail what He wants is to gain… And we need DUA for that. Rasulallah (SAW) said

 “Dua is the weapon of a believer.”

What else do we want? Allah has given us the tools and opportunities. As a friend put it :

“It is the month in which Allah who is ArRahman, the most merciful is going to take care of you and protect you and help you. Allah says ‘With difficulty comes ease’. Remember Ramadan means to burn-  burn your sins with the mercy of ArRahmaan. You are right at the door of Ramadaan, don’t let Ramadaan begin without you being prepared. Allah is asking you what you want, just make up a list, you can change later but don’t delay. Don’t wait for last 10 days. This is urgent”

THE FOLLOWING STEPS ARE VERY HELPFUL… I pray you find them beneficial….

List & Categorize Your Duas

With that I am inviting you all to join me This Ramadan in making a special Dua list. Jot down everything you want to make dua for, Dua for my eemaan, tawakkul, health, wealth, family, parents, spouse, his parents, children, friends, home……. various categories.

Engineer Your Dua

This qoute frengineer-your-duaom Shaykh Muhammad Al Shareef made an image in my mind, that I just had to doodle it….. It pretty much speaks for itself.

Wording is key! It is something that we need to give a lot of careful thought & importance to…. What we ask for, how we word it, how we ask for it….. It shouldn’t be wordy but exciting, something that makes your heart skip a beat.

It’s like beading together words that uplift your heart, engineering a marvelous piece of machinery … Take time to construct & carefully word your dua….like piece of Engineering & let it churn towards manifestation Beidhnillahi Ta’Allah.


Finally their is embelishment….. Adding a Name & Attribute of Allah to your Dua that is 17634572_397475230638544_5366160197825908973_nrelated to what you are asking for. Contemplating on the meaning of Allah’s names add to our conviction (Yaqeen) that our dua will be manifested. As the famous Quote goes…

“Don’t tell Allah how big your problems are. Tell your problems how big Allah is.”

The related & suitable attribute of Allah we use act a like a power boost to our Duas. Then we can also add related Quranic and Masnoon duas to our Duam for example, Dua for forgiveness, increasing Taqwah, good Akhlaq, protection, increase in Eeman.


Dua to be able to make Sincere Dua

“Ya Majeed u Ya Kareem The Most Glorious and Generous One, Ya Samee u Ya Raqeeb The All Hearing and The Watchful One  soften my heart and grant me tears as I humble myself in dua to you…….  Ya Al Malik ul Mutakabbir Oh My Majestic Sovereign Lord Only You do I worship and only You do I ask for Help”

Dua for Standing in Tahajjud

“Ya Al Mujeeb The Responder to Prayer……. Make me among the ones who seek you through Tahajjud……May you find me bowing to You when You Al Muta’ali The Supreme One  descend to the lowest Heaven in the last part of the night”

Dua to be a dutiful to our Parents

“Ya As Sami’ The All Hearing One and Ya Latif The Subtle, The Most Gentle make me a obedient, dutiful, responsible and devoted to my parents… Ameen”

Dua for Spiritual Self

“Ya Malikal Mulk (The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty) Ya Al Afuw ur Rauf  (The Pardoner and The Compassionate) Help me to increase in taqwah, eiman, ibadah and ihsan to ease the trial of the Day of Judgement”

You can download a short PDF guide prepared through some notes & embelished duas

Dua Suggestions


This 7 page pdf document contains a list of a few of Asma ul Husna and what kind of duas to use them in & Also a list for Duas for Spouse, Children & Sustenance.

Only Request…. Please Share this & spread the khair. Every good deed counts… 🙂


Make a Dua Journal


We may struggle with a consistent Dua Routine…. I DO ….. 😦 So once again this Ramadan I am gearing up to build that habit and work on being consistent…. For that I have been working on making a Dua Journal… a Journal dedicated entirely for duas….. Duas I want to make, Duas I read on my social groups,  Duas I heard in a lecture. So on the days when I am at loss of words, I can open my Dua Journal & just read out my Duas from there…. I wish I would do it more often. But I can say this, when I do pick it up and read duas from it, it helps me revive my spirits, the words jump out at me and make my heart beat faster….. and that really is what we all seek for in our DUAS…. The passion & conviction. So this is a reminder to myself first and formeost… what is holding me back after having found such a treasure…… MYSELF! And the only person who can change that is ME. For more on Building Daily Dua Habits & it’s reality in our crazy life read this post here. Make a Dua Journal and keep it where you will reach out for it, open it and read from it….. Read from it regularly & consitently, till the words start flowing out of our mind, heart & mind. Beidhnillahi Ta’Allah.

Remember if you benefitted from this please like & share.


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