Are you ready for Ramadan


This is the last call to all to get all the clutter out of our heads to truly enter Ramadan prepared to the best of our abilities…… To live our Dream Ramadan

As I shared in my DREAM RAMADAN post….

I want to enter Ramadan with a focused and clear mind, to be able to:

  • Enter Ramadan Prepared
  • Maintain a steady and consistent pace in Ramadan
  • Avoid Ramadan Spiritual Lows
  • Build up to go full steam ahead in the last ten days
  • Reach higher levels of Eeman
  • Reach new heights of Taqwah
  • Practice Fastabiqul Khairat

For that I have been emptying out my brain with my Declutter & Unclog Your Brain list & doing the OPERATION RAMADAN PREP


I am not exactly on track, but I have been progressing and I am grateful for that….. May Allah facilitate & I hope to get there Beidhnillahi Ta’Allah cause now it’s about Now or Never…..

declutter-listCan we get everything done as we want … reality of life says no… but what we can do is focus on what we can do & accomplish & be grateful for that… We all live in different circumstances and what works for one doesn’t or cant work for the other… SO please STOP TELLING YOURSELF…… I CAN’T … I AM NOT THAT ORGANIZED….. You don’t need to be you just need to be able to function to the best of your abilities given your circumstances… and the Declutter & Unclog Your Brain list, designed ESPECIALLY FOR RAMADAN helps you to do just that…

You can download the Awaken n Rise Declutter & Unclog your Brain list from HERE

You can also  read a previous post where I explain this concept more in detail...

Praying for all of us to be able to reap the fruits & benefits of Ramadan….BUT WE HAVE TO WORK FOR IT…. Let’s do it together with pure intentions & the help of Allah…








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