Ibadah Tracker Download

Since I began Bullet Journaling one of the most important things I really wanted to work on for myself was my quantity & quality of Ibadah. For that I loved the habit tracking concept in Bullet Journaling. For a long time I had been feeling a sense of stagnation and lack of motivation that kept bothering me to the core. I have been learning so many things now, so late in age…..so much of my life has past… So all I can really do is to try & improve myself bit by bit for whatever part of my life is left…may Allah forgive my sins & my shortcomings of the past ….

In dunya we are judged by results but in Akhirah Allah The Most Merciful will actually judge us for our efforts… Subhanallah! So the most important thing to do is to renew & purify our intentions & make dua… Rest is all bittaufeeq min jaanib Allah…

I have used IbadahWhatsApp Image 2017-05-07 at 2.33.19 PM trackers a few times but not consistently every week. The following Ibadah Tracker had been sitting incomplete for quite sometime and that had been really bothering me. I finally finished it & shared it on Instagram….

DISCLAIMER: Now sharing things on Social Media is very tricky , cause as much as people appreciate it, they tend to think you are on top of your game & your life is all sorted. Which is so far from the truth…..Those who actively share inspirational stuff on Social Media know, that we share only a glimpse of our lives & activities there… we all have our struggles and there is no need to share those. Life is a distraction & our struggles are a means of getting close to Allah & reaching out to him. While on the other hand the good stuff can be shared not only to inspire others but more so to push ourselves and to hold ourselves accountable…

trackerAs there was interest and demand, I have made pdf sheets for you all to download for my Ibadah Trackers. You can use the square boxes at the bottom to choose the color code of your choice.

This habit tracker proves to be helpful in seeing faulty patterns & find ways to improve with respect to happenings of life…. Life demands should NOT be allowed to hinder Connection with the Creator in any way….!!! May He guide us all to enter Jannah through Bab us Salah

A5 size Here

A4 size Here

You can print and use them as is, or as a wall chart, or cut & stick in your journals. I pray you find them useful!

There are approximately 20 days left for Ramadan to start and it takes 21 days to build a habit. More than the researches that tell us that, Allah encourages us to train ourselves in the first 21 days of Ramadan. We try to build up our tempo in Ramadan in the hopes heightened ibadah in the last 10 nights…. which actually start from the 21 st night… So I thought Subhanallah, Allah actually gives us 21 days to build the habit so we can outperform ourselves in the last 10 days…. We didn’t need a research to tell us that Allah encouraged us to do that 1400 years ago!!!! Afala tadabbarun…. Then do they not reflect… Surah an Nisa

I have shared a 30+ minute clipping from my Ramadan Prep Webinar on my homeschool blog…..You can access it here

Remember to share the khair …May Allah accept our efforts & may we all experience a productive Ramadan Ameen


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