Brace Yourself for Ramadan

rabbi yassir

You might  have read my post  and also downloaded the pdf designed specially for on Decluttering & Unclogging the Brain before Ramadan post…. If you have done the brain dump or still thinking about it, this guest post by Umm Aim High can really make go ahead and take the next step Beidhnillahi Ta’Aallah. I so want to follow her suggestions & as they are so well thought, practical & tried & tested. Alhumdolillah

How I brace myself for Ramadan

 GUEST POST – By : Umm Aim High

Ramadan is for everyone to enjoy and that includes moms! Yes moms, Inshaa Allah we can do it if we plan ahead. I have tried to make this concise so you can start the process immediately. So let’s begin!

  • Start with the Dua that Allah purify your intention. Your sole intention is to help yourself and others to benefit from Ramadan.
  • A month or two before Ramadan open a Google docs and write down as and when you remember those tasks that may distract you from doing acts of worship in the month of Ramadan.
  • Divide the tasks into 3 categories
  1. The ones you can do right now.
  2. The ones that are dependent on tasks mentioned under category 1.
  3. The ones that can only be done right before Ramadan.
  • Break the tasks into small action items.
  • Schedule in all the tasks on your calendar.
  • Try to schedule in any Iftaar invitation in the first few days of Ramadan so you can cook some of the items before Ramadan.
  • Don’t schedule anything the day Ramadan begins (you don’t want to be in the middle of laundry when Ramadan begins!)
  • Every week evaluate your process and try to get back on schedule.
  • If there is no way you can get back to your schedule, try to get help, delegate tasks to others and if it is something that can wait after Ramadan then take the task off your list.
  • Throughout the process keep asking Allah to help you achieve your goal.
  • Every time you cross out a task, remember to Thank Allah.


Alhamdhulillah I have been doing this for the past 5 years. So here’s my list for this year. Yes, I am going to share with you my personal ‘Things to do before Ramadan’ list.


  1. Make up fasts (sisters, even if you will not be able to make up all your fasts, making up some is better than none)
  2. Start eating healthy (don’t start Ramadan while you are already dehydrated)
  3. Start increasing your daily Quran reading portions. (set your daily Quran goals for Ramadan and slowly increase your portions today on to get there)
  4. Start listening to Ramadan lectures (fiqh, importance, purpose and more)
  5. Start making a dua list that you can use throughout Ramadan.
  6. Return Amanah, anything you may have borrowed – books, pans, tools, puzzles,etc.
  7. Schedule in any doctor appointment (have a toothache that’s bothering you?)
  8. Organize everyone’s closets and update the wardrobe, so you don’t have to go shopping during Ramadan.
  9. Gardening and anything else in the front/backyard
  10. Stock up bird/pet food
  11. Buy Eid gifts and pack them.
  12. Prepare study or teaching materials for the month of Ramadan plus 2 extra weeks.
  13. Give away clothes or toys. (In our community, we have toy drive every Ramadan)
  14. Plan activities for the children to do during Ramadan.
  15. Buy Eid clothes
  16. Calculate Zakah and don’t forget zakatul fitr
  17. Finish off any mending, repair works (leaking faucet? Buttons on your favorite shirt?)
  18. Update laundry – this is something that keeps piling up but primarily I am referring to those curtains, cushion/pillows, etc.
  19. Set up Ramadan corner with all the books related to Ramadan that you and your kids can read before and during Ramadan.
  20. Stock up groceries that you use the most during Ramadan
  21. Freezer cooking (burger patties, dough, cut up vegetables, marinated fish/meat can all be take care of now, also keep in mind any potluck/ invitation you are planning during Ramadan.)
  22. Iron clothes – we go through a lot of clothes in Ramadan because we don’t wear the same clothes we wore during the day to Taraweeh
  23. Haircut
  24. Car Wash ( keep water bottles handy for your trip to taraweeh)
  25. Keep your diaper bags or toddler bags ready for use during taraweeh. (some toys that don’t make noise, some snacks that don’t crumble and mess the Musalla, a prayer rug and maybe a cute hijab for your little girl)
  26. Memorize duas with their meanings needed for Ramadan
  27. Give home a ‘Ramadan feeling’ – banner, calendar, posters, etc.

In the end I would like to say that no matter what you are able to achieve from the above list, remember Allah is AshShakoor, He appreciates every effort we make to get closer to Him. It is not easy to take care of the children and manage everything so I pray that may AlWakeel ease your affairs. May ArRazzaaq put barakah in your health, wealth, time and effort. May AlMuqaddim help you stay ahead of your schedule. May AlLatheef facilitate things for you in ways you don’t even expect. May AlFattah open up all doors towards ease for you. May Allah accept your efforts for His sake alone.

PS: Do you have something in your list that is not here? Please share.


4 Replies to “Brace Yourself for Ramadan”

  1. Never thought of those little things that takes ones time during Ramadan. The list tells it all. Very helpful list. May Almighty Allah swt Reward you and help us achieve Ramadan blessings to the fullness ..Ameen


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