Finding Solace

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-21 at 8.55.43 AM
picture taken by me
A poem by Umm Umamah
Ya Rabb help me forget,
What hurts me & makes my eyes become wet.
Don’t want to have a meltdown,
With all the heavy weight pulling me down.
Help me console myself,
Cause the pain doesn’t go away by itself.
I am grateful for the heart,
You gave me to be able to tell apart.
The reality of my feelings,
Versus the shaitan’s whispers & pleadings.
It makes me cry & it makes me smile,
As I reach out to you through direct dial.
Knowing that you are with me,
Should make me completely stress free.
But I am only human,
And you know me better than me,
These tears I need,
To call out to you and help me succeed.
In understanding that true submission,
Will come only from surrendering my bundles of expectation.
Holding on, to the rope of Allah,
Is the only support I need, Wallah.
The power of dua surpasses all,
Then why ask people when I can ask Allah.

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