Last 7 days of Declutter Challenge

The last 7 days of my 30 Day Declutter Challenge are upon me….. I have to be extremely meticulous about it… If you like me prefer to get all the easier stuff out of the way first then remaining task is probably a tough one. The last bits are always more difficult as those are the ones that we have either been avoiding or ignoring due to the enormity and difficulty of the task itself.WhatsApp Image 2017-03-19 at 8.02.06 AM

Besides moving around some things and redefining some areas, one major thing I did was removing some CLUTTER MAGNETS. Removing the largest clutter magnet (A big Shelving unit placed on top of a built in cabinet) not only has opened up the space but has also sparked up the place… a welcome sight in the corridor outside my room, Earlier no matter how hard I tried it really was a daunting task to keep it clutter free and tidy as kids would pull out things or things were put there by all if us for different reasons. Now it looks so simple and attractive that even the kids are excited about it and don’t want anything to be put there…ALHUMDOLILLAH!!!

Another place I upgraded was my own space which I like to (when I can) use for my journaling, self study or my webinars. This space is in my room, and even if I can’t use it everyday, looking at it makes me happy and motivated me to be more organized so I can come back here and do something meaningful for myself……On it are things that hold a special or a symbolic significance in my heart… the mild scented candle is something I now light up when I sit there, for a relaxed and luxurious ambiance.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-19 at 8.11.07 AM

Decluttering is not only a cleaning process, more than that it is a process through which we get a chance to renew our intentions & revitalize our lives. When you do something with a purpose and a goal in mind it adds to the drive & motivation. It forces us not only to do the task but also to adopt some definitive habits to avoid that may cause a possible relapse of old habits.

With that in mind, I am looking forward to the sense of achievement by getting some serious & complicated work done to truly liberate myself! Beidhnillah!

If you are coming across my 30 Day Declutter Challange for the first time, I encourage you to checkout this post that explains it. It is an open challenge that you may start for yourself or with a group of friends at any time… try it especially with Ramadan just around the corner, this might be just what you need to get prepared for a fruitful Ramadan Inshallah!


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