Dream Ramadan

Ramadan is 3 months away, but these 3 months will pass before I know it. They always do. But I really don’t like to suddenly land into Ramadan unprepared… I’ve done that for many years, and though I know that’s how life with little kids is….I feel, had I known what I know now I may have been able to do things a little differently.

Now even though that time is gone, Ramadan being one of the best gifts of Allah to help us make up for what we think we may have lost…I want to start preparing and invite you all to plan our DREAM RAMADAN. Let’s dream & work on achieving it together!


Just the thought of it is so exciting to me….and I want to keep it kindled. But before I actually start planning & building towards my Dream Ramadan I need to clear my head out of all that keeps buzzing inside it….




I want to enter Ramadan with a focused and clear mind, to be able to:

  • Enter Ramadan Prepared
  • Maintain a steady and consistent pace in Ramadan
  • Avoid Ramadan Spiritual Lows
  • Build up to go full steam ahead in the last ten days
  • Reach higher levels of Eeman
  • Reach new heights of Taqwah
  • Practice Fastabiqul Khairat

You can download the Awaken n Rise Declutter & Unclog your Brain list from HERE

So for the next few days I will be scribbling away in a notebook my responses based on the prompts in my  “Declutter & Unclog your Brain” exercise. Let me breakdown the how’s for you all here:

How to use the “Declutter & Unclog Your Brain PDF”

  • Print the D&UYB PDF
  • write down tasks undone, things you want to do, thinsg you’vebeen procrastinating on, unfinished projects, daunting tasks…….basically anything and everything ( that comes in your mind under the given prompts. Write in a notebook (a safe place where you won’t loose it & can refer back to)
  • attempt to do it several times within 5 days as more & more will keep coming in your mind
  • empty out as much of your thoughts you can to get the needed clarity to actually start planning and delivering
  • refer back to your thoughts, ideas, desires under each category to help you pick out the priorities
  • start drafting a rough plan month by month for the overall goals
  • use bullet journaling or your own favorite planning/productivity tool to mark your goals & track your success

Why should you use the “Declutter & Unclog You Brain Exercise”

As I have written about this concept in a previous post here, I was really inspired by Shaykh Muhammad Al Shareef’s 3 part series “How to do more with less” available for free @ muslimsuccess.com. I highly recommend this series especially it’s “Brain Dump” exercise as it is very detailed.

As as a homemaker, mother, homeschooler & mompreneur, striving for ibadah based productivity for myself, I made my own personalized version that worked for me with a focus on Ramadan.

Depending on what you are looking for you can choose to use which ever one based on your own life style & needs.





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