My Bullet Journal Intro

Apparently this has been going around like a craze. I learnt about it quite recently, and instantly fell in love with it… WHY? Because it has no particular rules or must haves. Its about you and your functionality.

There are MANY posts & videos out there describing Bullet Journals (BuJo) out there but I want to create a hub for Muslimah Bullet Journellars…. Bullet Journalling is my latest passion as it allows me to do all that I love & dream on in it.

In the coming weeks I will be holding a FREE Webinar: “Bullet Journalling for Muslimahs” and will be sharing my Bullet Journaling adventures here on the blog and on Instagram

If you’re interested in attending the FREE  “Bullet Journalling for Muslimahs” Webinar, make sure to leave a comment.

You can also check updates  on Instagram or the Awaken n Rise facebook page

As a sneak peak, I am sharing here some pages from it……






Would you like to join me in this planning adventure ?



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